An independent verification of accounting and financial reporting organizations and individual entrepreneurs.

Auditing services

Auditing services that are focused on risk analysis allows us to offer our clients added value when providing the following services:

- Financial audit

- Fulfillment Audit

- Regularity Audit

- Operative Audit

- Audit Programs

- Audit Subsidies

- Special reports

- Due diligence

- Consultancy services

Consultancy services offered by our company are renowned by their high level of personalization and professionalization therein integrated. These services include   answering precise questions, as well as a continuous guidance within the economic, financial and accounting fields.

- Consulting

- Environmental Management

- Cost Accounting

- Management Accounting

- Parent Company

- Enterprise Restructuring Operations (mergers, demergers,…)

- Reports and Projects

- Feasibility Studies

- Project Assessment

- Subsidy Applications

- Forensic Economy Preparation for the Meeting of Creditors

- Arbitraging

- Expert Reports